I am a textile artist who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. All the works you see here are stitched.

I worked as a radio producer for 15 years before leaving the BBC in 2008, swapping sound for vision to study at Edinburgh College of Art. My work uses the medium of freehand machine embroidery in an attempt to describe the textures and complexity of the natural world – specifically trees and skies. Using the sewing machine needle as a pencil or brush, I sew complex designs that combine repetitive forms and organic, abstract shapes with elemental natural imagery, seeking to connect us to our ancient roots and tapping into a memory that is almost, but not quite, lost.

I welcome commissions and work with clients to create pieces that are unique and personal. My work can be found as far afield as Asia, Australia, the USA and Canada – distance is no object.

If you would like to discuss a possible commission then please contact me at:

At Work on Winter Birches




“The world is mainly a vast leaf-colony, growing on and forming a leafy soil, not a mere mineral mass, and we live not by the jingling of our coins, but by the fullness of our harvests. This is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small, and all dependent upon the leaves. By leaves we live.”

Patrick Geddes


“I have tried to paint trees as though they were human beings. I sincerely love and worship trees and know they are people.

Paul Nash


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