Current events and exhibitions

Rooms II

Group exhibition at Green Gallery, Buchlyive

10th – 24th March, 2019


Previous exhibitions

Visual Arts Scotland – Alight

26th January – 22nd February 2019

Royal Scottish Academy







Edinburgh Art Fair 2018

23rd – 25th November 2018

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange




Glow Design Fair 2018

8th December 2018

The Dovecot Gallery


Photo credits: Alistair Clark Photography



A Darkening Thread

1st – 16th September 2018

at Coburg House, Coburg Street, Edinburgh



Twenty One Trees

An exhibition of new textile work at Art and Vintage, Lyne Street, Edinburgh

24th of April – 24th of June 2018

Twenty One Trees: Artist Statement

I sew trees. I’ve always loved them. In recent years, the trees I sew have become less illustrative and more abstract – I find I’m creating rhythms, with a melody of leaves. I’m looking for silences in the music too: those empty spaces are often as important as the music of the trees. At the same time I see them as fences, or boundaries, prison bars even – a metaphor for the restrictions all artists have to impose upon themselves in order to find some sense in the chaos of infinite possibilities.

Mondrian’s geometric abstractions originated in his studies of trees and, although I will never create pieces as stripped down, I am exploring a similar territory, where the making of the work becomes the work itself, and the initial source of my inspiration – forests, woods and trees – become distilled to forms that stand alone as images, floating free of their roots.

All of this is done on a Bernina sewing machine using free motion embroidery – the needle and thread become a pencil or a paintbrush. I draw guidelines and then see where the needle takes me in the intricate patterns of bark, leaf and branch.



Contemporary Mixed Show

Lime Tree Gallery

Fort William

19/05/18 – 24/06/18



The Green Gallery


18/03/18 – 06/04/18


Grown Together’    

11th – 26th November 2017

This exhibition brings together 18 artists, makers, poets and designers whose work is intimately connected with trees and woodland.

Though their works span a wide variety of media they are all united by a strong affinity with woodland; as a place to observe and connect with nature, as a rich source of metaphor, as a place for reflection and healing, as a link to distant myths and inspiration for new writing, as a sustainable resource to work with. For some, trees are their singular subject or their raw materials, for others they represent a starting point for their imagination.

‘Timed to coincide with the launch of the new national Tree Charter, ‘Grown together’ seeks to highlight the relationship between artists and trees and remind us of the reasons we should value and protect them. By considering trees in new ways, we can learn much about ourselves.

To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we ourselves are transformed. It is where you travel to find yourself, often, paradoxically, by getting lost.’ Roger Deakin, Wildwood 2007

The exhibition has been curated by Tansy Lee Moir and includes St Margaret’s House residents and invited artists:

Lynn Ahrens  Charlotte Eva Bryan  Isabell Buenz  Chris Dooks  Anne Gilchrist  Aileen Grant Adele Gregory Full Grown Teresa Hunyadi Aliisa Hyslop Alan Kay Rona MacLean Kenris MacLeod  Tansy Lee Moir  David Mola  Steve Smart  Katherine Sola  Robin Wood

Exhibition opening event 1-4pm Saturday 11th November.
Exhibition open daily 11am – 6pm until Sunday 26th November.
Events during the exhibition run – to be confirmed.


Edinburgh Art Fair    

17th – 19th November 2017



1st – 10th September 2017

Artists were invited to submit work in response to the theme “Locality”

1. a neighbourhood or area
2. the site or scene of an event
3. the fact or condition of having a location or position in space

Featuring the work of Lewis Bissett, Michael Dawson, Paul Deslandes, Wes Gilpin, Cassandra Harrison , James Howden, Sarah Louise Keber, Kenris MacLeod, Alice Martin, Lynne McBride, Nikkita Morgan, Ross Spencer, Jacky Thow and Matt Wilson.


Solo exhibition   

5th June – 9th July 2017

 New Work

at Art and Vintage

3 Lyne St, Edinburgh

5th June – 9th July 2017

Gallery website


My work has also been included in exhibitions at the Royal Scottish Academy (Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition 2014), Detail Framing StudioThe Red Door Gallery and Thomson’s Tower in Neil’s Garden, all in Edinburgh.

My work has been stocked by Mint in South Kensington, London and Curiouser and Curiouser and The Red Door Gallery, both in Edinburgh. It has also been featured in Elle Decoration magazine.